I’m a seaside country boy at heart raised to be respectful, kind and
reliable. Mesmerised by the world beyond the island in which I
grew, I was determined to explore the world beyond and discover
new people and cultures, mountains and coastlines. My easy-going
and approachable nature led me to experience some amazing places
and opportunities. Always focused and with a healthy touch of
perfectionism, I take pride in my work, my relationships and my
ability to adapt to unforeseen hurdles while bringing light-hearted
humour to ease the journey.

From my teenage years growing up on the southern coastlines of
Australia, I have always been strongly drawn to photography and the
ability to portray a certain scene in so many ways. Getting to know
the technical aspects of all the different camera models, settings and
use of light had me enthralled for many years before I bought my
first camera. A fellow Tasmanian lensman, Stuart Gibson, was my
first mentor and role model, with many texts back and forth quizzing
him about technical aspects and eye pleasing compositions of some
of his finest work. He even sold me an old back up camera of his,
which was to be my first DSLR.

When I first started travelling I felt the beginning of what is now
been a decade long obsession with imagery. Documenting different
cultures and landscapes of the many countries I passed through
became second nature.
Growing up by the beach and raw, remote coastlines I’ve always
been a surfer and ocean gazer. But once I got my hands on an
underwater camera housing a whole new field of expression opened
up and presented a much bigger challenge. This led to shooting in
the surfing industry for a number of years, documenting professional
surfers and the lifestyle they live in some of the best waves and
locations you can find.

At a later point while seeking a new challenge and way of expressing
a new found interest, I turned to editorial fashion and brand
photography. Using the skills I honed over the years of shooting
outside in the elements, in the ocean and adapting to new places
and cultures, I am excited by bringing to life the passion for imagery
and story-telling in this exciting and constantly evolving field.

For me, photography is about aesthetics and balance as much as it is
about capturing subtle moments and emotions. Whether I’m
immersing myself among ocean elements or capturing portraits
under the warm light of a setting sun, I still apply the same thought
process and steps to provide the best possible imagery to my clients.
As much of the location-based fashion imagery has moved back into
a 35mm film format, it’s been a great journey to re-learn the